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Why settle for less when you can connect with the Best? Tectoweld exothermic welded connections have a proven world wide track record with users accross all industries. Our products are UL Listed for all commercial wire sizes and meet or exceed all major international standards.


    Exothermic Connections

    Exothermic welding is a method of making electrical connections of copper to copper or copper to steel in which no additional source of heat or power is required. In this process, granular metallic powder mixture is placed into a high temperature mold and ignited. This ignition process results in an exothermic reaction which releases extremely high heat and produces molten copper. The molten copper flows into the weld cavity, melts the conductors within and fills any available space, completing the weld.The connection can then be removed from the mold. This entire process takes only seconds to complete. Because it is a permanent molecular bond, an exothermically welded connection cannot not loosen or increase in resistance over the lifetime of the installation. It is superior in performance to any known mechanical or pressure type surface-to-surface contact connector.

    With a proven worldwide track record, Tectoweld exothermic materials are your choice for performance, quality and service.


    Grounding Products & Services

    Tectoweld Inc. specializes in supplying products and services for the building of high performance grounding systems. In addition to manufacturing our own grounding products, we also work with leading suppliers from around the world to ensure that we provide the latest and most reliable equipment available for site protection.

    Tectoweld exothermic connection system components Grounding materials, Active Ground Enhancement Electrode Systems, Ground Enhancement Materials Interior bonding equipment/systems, Bus Bars and Lugs for riser “backbone” ground distribution networks (Elec/Data/Tele) as well as Signal Reference Grids for raised floor facilities.

    Make Tectoweld Inc. your source for exothermic welding and grounding protection equipment.

  • Lightning Protection

    Lightning Protection Products

    Tectoweld Inc. offers a complete line of lightning protection components and products. Everything needed to build a standards compliant, state of the art lightning protection system for is available.

    Our product offerings currently fall into these major categories: 1) Franklin/Faraday System Components both Class I and II, 2) System 1000 Lightning Interceptor and 3) ESE Technology air terminals and Dynashpere systems.

    We also provide customized solutions and services tailored to your needs and specification. to give you the best possible protection of your electrical installations. We understand the needs of the electrical industry and strive to provide the best service to our clients anywhere, worldwide. Each Tectoweld lightning protection sytem is custom designed, based on the widely accepted standards NFPA 780 and UL 96. Numerous site parameters such as structure dimensions, configuration and construction materials, local thunderstorm activity, facility usage and individual customer requirements. Tectoweld can provide various lightning protection systems for any facility.

  • Cathodic Protection

    We offer a full line of cathodic protection material and equipment. Sacrificial anode systems, Impressed current Systems design and installations, Test station as well as monitoring station design and installation. Deep anode electrode bed design and installation.

  • Credentials

    Tectoweld personnel are proud to be a members of the following organizations: Underwriters Laboratories (UL), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Lightning Protection Institute (LPI), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA), Power and Energy Society (PES) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

    UL Listed (Grounding & Bonding) E186382, UL Installer (Lightning Protection) E466813 LPI Lightning Protection Institute (Master Installer) 1541, NACE National Assoc. of Corrosion Engineers 43188, Federal Registered DBE/MBE 49 CFR 23 and 26 DBE/MBE CUCP35664, and AZ ROC CR11 Electrical 295117

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